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Motor Control Board Installation

Always remember that you are handling electric equipment! Always unplug the treadmill when changing electrical parts.

Terminals labeled L1 and L2 are the AC lines. DO NOT PUT THE MOTOR LEADS ON L1 OR L2. This is the power that comes into the board from either the power cord or another power board.

Terminals labeled M+ and M- are the motor lines. This is where DC current is outputted to the motor. The position of the wires will determine the direction the motor runs. The M+ should be the DC positive wire and the M- is the DC negative wire. If these are reversed the only problem will be the motor will run backwards. DO NOT CONNECT THE AC LEADS ON THESE, UNREPAIRABLE DAMAGE WILL OCCUR

Terminals H, L, and W are the speed control terminals. DO NOT CONNECT THE AC LEADS ON THESE, UNREPAIRABLE DAMAGE WILL OCCUR. Your existing board may have designations for the speed wires of S1, S2, and S3. If this is so, connect the S2 lead to the W terminal, the S1 lead to the H terminal, and the S3 lead to the L terminal. If you cannot get the machine to operate, switch the H and L wires and test.

Usually motor controls burn out for a reason. The most common reason is high belt/deck friction. Enclosed is a packet of belt lube. Please apply the lube according to the instructions before using the treadmill or failure of the new board can occur.

For any questions or concerns regarding the installation of the control board please contact our support and service team at doc@treadmilldoctor.com.

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