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Refastening Loose Roller Pulley

Always disconnect power when working on a treadmill and remove the drive roller from th e treadmill before performing this repair.

You can fix a slipping pulley on a roller rather than having to buy a new one. First make sure th e pulleys on the front roller and the motor are properly lined up. Repair the original one by drilling two small pilot holes through the plastic and into the metal roller tube on opposite sides of the pulley. Insert two short, self-tapping sheet meta l screws through the pulley to secure it to the roller and that w ill solve the problem. Make sure not to drill into the bearing on the end of the roller tube. The screws must be short because the shaft of the roller is stationary while the rest of the roller spin s and if the screws are too long and hit the shaft, you will ge t a horrible screeching sound. We've been using this fix for near ly 10 years and you don't have a recurring problem with this fix.

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