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New Livestrong Treadmill Reviews

Livestrong 10.0T

A very strong $999 machine that has the stain of the Lance Armstrong name implied.

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Livestrong 13.0T

One of the best values on the market that comes standard with the shame of Lance Armstrong.

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Livestrong 15.0T

Was going to be one of the best options in the $1500 range and then along came Lance. Good looki...

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Livestrong 8.0T

Put $200 with it and go with the 10.0T model if this one spins your top. Some cheaper parts woul...

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Livestrong Pro 1

If you are considering a $1500 treadmill, this Livestrong is well worth considering. High qualit...

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Livestrong Pro 2

A serious treadmill for people who are serious about their fitness!

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Livestrong T1x by Matrix

Solid AC drive machine puts commercial parts into a home unit.

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Livestrong T1xe by Matrix

Livestrong's commercial model for the home with a 7" LCD screen. We would save $1000 and get a T...

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Older Livestrong Reviews

Reviewed in 2012

Livestrong 12.9T

One of the best values on the market and our Best Buy winner for best new treadmill. If you have ...

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Reviewed in 2011

Livestrong 7 9T

Put $200 with it and go with the 10.0T model if this one spins your top.

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Reviewed in 2010

Livestrong 16.9T

Arguably the strongest member of the Livestrong lineup. A very solid treadmill with great packag...

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Livestrong 9.9T

A very strong $999 machine that has a great name behind it along with great packaging. Johnson s...

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Who Manufacturers Livestrong Treadmills?

General Information:Livestrong is a relatively new brand but uses derivations of existing designs that Johnson has been producing on their Horizon, AFG, and Vision brands for years. We are glad that they didn't try to reinvent the wheel because they are really getting their act together quality and production-wise and make a value-oriented, well designed collection of units. We understand that once they sell out their current stock, they will only be available at Canadian Tire.

Manufacturing Philosophy:We visited the headquarters and major factory outside of Shanghai and found that Johnson is the most integrated manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. This can be both good and bad. The good is that you are in control of almost all aspects of production. The bad is that you are in control of almost all aspects of production- if you mess up there is no one else to blame. They are focused on doing things the right way so it appears that this is a case where it is good overall. We were impressed with their quality procedures and design and testing processes and the reviews will reflect these facts.

Company Outlook : Johnson had the misfortune of getting a great brand name that was damaged badly by the Lance Armstrong scandal. The product looks very good in relation to the price that is being charged. We were wrong when we said it can't hurt to have Lance Armstrong on your team and it has proven to really hurt the sales of Livestrong. Johnson is known for product support.