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Who Manufacturers Lamar Ellipticals?

General Information:Lamar Health and Fitness was the idea of Kevin Lamar. He was the brains behind the resurgence of Schwinn Fitness and also ran the fitness division at Nautilus. Lamar keeps moving from one drama filled tragedy to another. Bad luck seems to follow him like dirt on a pig (I tried to figure out how to put in the lipstick on a pig comment but this will have to do).

Manufacturing Philosophy:You may still find some Lamar units out there and parts can be had from Star Trac but you better be ready to run it into the ground because you will have a hard time reselling it?just ask a former dealer.

Company Outlook : Lamar had their assets seized by Wells Fargo, their lender, in September of 2007. Star Trac has picked up parts support but the new ST line that Lamar is heading at Star Trac doesn't look like it will have any more success than Kevin's exploits of the past.