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My Manual Says Not to Lube the Belt

The truth of the matter is just like there is not a "no maintenance" car, there is also not a "no maintenance" treadmill. Put simply, if you don 't maintain it, it will need parts replacement quicker than if you do maintain it.

Wear parts get a new lease on life when you maintain the treadmill and electrical parts wear out much more slowly and in the case of solid state components, they can be damaged if you don't replace wear parts quick enough. To us, if you are replacing wear parts, that is maintenance. Not sure what the factories call this but they 've never been able to give us a good answer on that.

The only beef we have with Lube-N-Walk is that it uses food-grade non-petroleum liquid silicone. This material is charged so that it attracts dirt naturally. If you have any doubts, pour a thin film into a small dish and leave it outside overnight and then look at it in the morning (make sure it is above freezing). In the morning, you will see a very nice collection of dirt on the surface of the silcione. You can do the same with our World Famous Treadmill Lube and you will find no dirt because our lube has a material in it that actually REPELS dirt. We suggest our World Famous Treadmill Lube and it only has to be done once about every 12 to 18 months depending upon how much you use the machine. That's the other problem with have to relube about once a month to keep the belt healthy because it evaporates after it collects a bunch of dirt to tear up your belt.

You may ask why we sell Lube-N-Walk and liquid silicone and the answer is is better than not lubing it and since so many factories recommend this material, we offer it but your best bet is our World Famous lube and it can be found at the following link
World Famous Treadmill Lube

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