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Keys Fitness Brands Repair Parts and Manuals

Treadmill Doctor has completed an agreement to purchase the spare parts inventory for Keys Fitness, LLC out of bankruptcy court. We have now completed the move of the inventory to our Memphis warehouse and our little elves are finished inventorying all the items. We are now shipping all available parts like belts, decks, incline motors, consoles, safety keys, many motor controllers, and all major drive motors. In our efforts to source the remaining parts that are available, we have found they purchased items from multiple vendors and the ones that were willing to deal with us have provided additional inventory for spare parts customers. We now have other major parts like elliptical wheels and ramps, some specialty cables for gyms, treadmill consoles, etc. Since Treadmill Doctor has only purchased the assets of Keys Fitness parts and service department, and due to the bankruptcy of Keys Fitness, all warranties that Keys Fitness committed to its customers are no longer valid and have been voided by the United States Federal Court. Treadmill Doctor is eager to help former Keys Fitness customers repair and maintain their fitness equipment, and look forward to helping you maintain your equipment for years to come.

The other brands that we will be offering that Keys produced will be: