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IronMan Treadmill Review Index

General Information:ST Fitness was the last to distribute this brand name. It was distributed through Costco, online, and in various mass market channels. This was not a bad way to go because distribution is so heavily competitive at the specialty channel. As we stated last year, this brand's outlook was cloudy and it turned into a rainstorm with ST going out of business this year.

Manufacturing Philosophy:This brand was a mass-market brand with less emphasis put on quality than on putting a product out for thousands of people to buy. It was just another entrant into an overcrowded field that simply couldn't compete.

Company Outlook : We expected to see the Ironman brand continue but apparently no one wants to step up and pay the royalty that this brand name commands. We hope to have some parts available for the ones sold by ST Fitness but that is still up in the air right now. We do have parts available for the Ironman units sold by Keys Fitness.