New Ironman Elliptical Reviews

Ironman 1811

Ironman should stick to making ellipticals at higher price points.

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Ironman 1815

This elliptical is an upgraded version of the 1811.

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Ironman 1840

The Ironman 1840 is a solid elliptical for a solid price.

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Ironman 1850

The Ironman 1850 is the best value in the Ironman lineup.

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Ironman 1860

The 1860 is a solid if unspectacular machine.

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Older Ironman Reviews

Reviewed in 2010

Ironman Harmony

One of the carryover machines from the old regime.

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Who Manufacturers Ironman Ellipticals?

General Information:Star Trac has acquired the name brand to produce Ironman fitness equipment after the bankruptcy of Keys Fitness. These units are distributed though Costco, online, and in various mass market channels. This is not a bad way to go because distribution is so heavily competitive at the specialty channel. Good value for the money in a highly competitive marketplace but with the recent new investor in Star Trac in order to shore up the company, this brand's outlook currently is a bit cloudy.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Fortunately Star Trac took over this brand from the now-defunct Keys and the product improvement is good. Still has a way to go when you compare it with product that is being produced by competitors in the same price range. We look to see continuing improvements in the lineup as long as Star Trac stays committed to the brand.

Company Outlook : Overall, we expect to see Ironman around, simply due to the great brand. The good news is that a big company is looking over the design and they aren't trying to be all things to all people- yet. Hopefully they will continue to keep their focus and if so, this could be a strong, long-term brand. The product quality will need continued upgrades to stay competitive.