COVID-19 Update: Orders are shipping Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST has partnered with Bongo International ( to make sure you can receive your orders at your international address. Here's how it works: ships your order to a Bongo warehouse in the US, and then Bongo ships it on to you.

Can you ship to my country?

Using Bongo International's service, we can ship to 223 countries, including Canada, United Kingdom (Great Britain) Australia, Israel, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Germany, South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, US Territories, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, China, etc.

Countries Serviced by Bongo

How much does it cost?

By using the Bongo International service you qualify for's free shipping to addresses in the continental United States. The cost to ship it from there to your international address is determined by Bongo.

Bongo's Shipping Rates

How does it work?

In a few quick steps, you can be set up to receive items from (or from any other US retailer).

  1. Create an account with (One-time use is $5; a subscription is $15/month).
  2. When you finish creating your Bongo account, Bongo will provide you with a US address in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The address is basically a place within their warehouse with your name on it. Write down the address.
  3. Shop for your items on our website and add them to the shopping bag and proceed to checkout.
  4. Enter your new US address as your SHIPPING address and select Ground Shipping.
  5. Use the credit card that you have on file with Bongo as the payment method. No Exceptions.
  6. We will ship your order to your US address at Bongo's warehouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut (this usually takes 3-4 business days) and Bongo will then ship it on to you.

Can I use another Parcel Forwarding Service?

Of course. will ship to any continental US address. Shipping typically takes 3-7 days to US addresses, depending on where your US address is located.

What about duties and taxes? is not able to determine these fees during the checkout process. Please contact your Customs office for information on duties, taxes, fees and restricted items.

What if I need to return an item?

See our Returns page for how to return items to