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Installation Roller Sleeve

Thank you for purchasing Traction Cover Kit from This is an aftermarket replacement for Icon Health & Fitness Treadmills that have plastic sleeves glued to their front rollers. The OEM roller covers have a high degree of probability to migrate to one side of the treadmill causing damage to the Treadmill Walking Belt and Front Roller Assembly. This Kit is designed to eliminate the need for roller replacement and to save time and money. Please follow the instructions below for installation instructions. Thank you again for your purchase.


Step One:
Loosen the Treadmill Walking Belt. If you need more detailed instructions, please visit our website at and click on Troubleshooting.

Step Two:
Remove the Front Roller Assembly

Step Three:
Using a sharp edge or a razor blade cut the existing plastic sleeve down the length of the Front Roller Assembly in a continuous line.

Step Four:
Wipe away all debris and loose materials that might be on the Front Roller Assembly.

Step Five:
Open the flip up cap on the TreadmillDoctor Roller Contact Cement.

Step Six:
Apply a single line of contact cement along the length of the Front Roller Assembly shaft.

Step Seven:
Squeeze and turn the Traction Cover until it resembles a tube and place the cover over the Front Roller Assembly.

Step Eight:
Using a heat gun or propane torch (Note: a Hair Dryer does not produce enough heat to shrink the Traction Cover), apply heat to the Traction Cover. Apply heat by passing the heat gun or torch back and forth to apply heat evenly. Do not hold the heat gun or torch flame more than a few seconds in any one spot on the Cover or the Cover will melt. The Cover will shrink to exactly fit the front roller assembly. If the Traction Cover shows some wrinkles, just apply more heat until the wrinkles are not raised more than 1/16? high. Allow the Front Roller Assembly and New Traction Cover to cool for approximately 15 minutes.

Step Nine:
Replace the front roller assembly on the treadmill and re-tension the Treadmill Walking Belt.

If you need further help or if you need more information, visit us online at or call us at 888-362-1105.