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I have a PB-12i power supply - troubleshooting guide

On Icon treadmills equipped with a two board arrangement, you should have a power supply board (power board) that feeds power to the console, the incline motor, and to the motor controller (drive board). The board should send the same voltage as you are getting in your wall outlet to the motor controller (usually around 120vac) once the console is operating in either a manual mode or program mode.

If the power supply is sending voltage to the console, the 9vac light should be lit on the power supply. Also a light should be lit showing that 120vac is being received into the power supply. If the console is receiving a speed signal from the console, you should have the PWM light on the power supply flickering quite rapidly. If the PWM light is not lit, you have a speed signal problem which could be either in the console or the wiring harness. If the speed is not working or if you have an error code, the PWM will not light.

If the speed signal is the problem, we first test the wiring harness by testing for continuiuty on each wire at each end of the harness. If the harness tests ok, the problem is in the console. If the PWM light is flickering and you are not getting power to the motor controller, you should test the AC voltage going into the motor controller.

There is usually a white and blue AC lead coming from the power supply into the motor controller (PWM). You should be getting about 120vac across these two wires. If you are not, the power supply is not properly supplying voltage and the power supply would need to be replaced. If you are getting voltage to the motor controller do the following test.

If you are getting resistance across the red and white wires (a speed signal) and you are getting about 120vac into the motor controller, the problem is in the motor controller since you have already let us know it is not providing DC output. Let us know if you have any questions or need clarification and which part you need a price quote on.

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