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How to Test a Fuse

It is easy to test a fuse. If you lack a simple multi-meter, you can take your fuse to Radio Shack and they can test it for you. Keep in mind that when you are replacing a fuse, do NOT use a fuse that is different from the one that was originally in the machine. Some fuses are quick blow fuses which do exactly what they sound like...they blow quickly once the amp load is exceeded. On the other hand, other commonly uses fuses in treadmills are slow blow fuses which require a sustained amperage above the rating in order to blow.

NEVER replace a fuse with a value different than the original unless you really know what you are doing because it can create a hazard of shock or a fire hazard.

If you do have a multi-meter, you can test the fuse by setting the meter to the continuity scale and then touch one test lead to each side of the fuse. If the fuse is good, you will read a closed circuit. If you have a blown fuse, you will read an open circuit. Easy enough. If it is good, you have another problem. If it is blown, replace the fuse. If fuses continue to blow, contact us with your problem and we can help you figure out what is wrong.