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How to Measure a Walking Belt:

Step 1

Using a tape measure, measure the exact width of the walking belt.

Step 2

To measure the length, there are three general ways to do it. If you have adjusted the belt as far as you can, return the belt to normal tension before measuring the belt. a) Feed the tape measure underneath the front roller (you'll need the motor cover off and for God's sake, unplug the treadmill first). Once you have the tape measure out the back end- extending from the rear roller- helps if you have a friend- pull the tape around and measure with the tape pulled tight and you have the length. b) If you are not going to use the existing belt and longer, carefully cut the belt width-wise. Lay the belt out straight and measure from one end to the other on one of the edges of the belt. This will give you the exact length of the belt. c) Another method is to use a piece of twine or string. We suggest nylon twine or a similar type that won't stretch- cotton string is bad about stretching when you pull it out and will give you an inaccurate measurement.

Step 3

Tape one end of the string to the walking belt and rotate the belt completely around till the loop of string is complete.

Step 4

Cut the string exactly at the end of the loop.

Step 5

Remove the string from the treadmill and lay in a straight line.

Step 6

Measure the full length of the string, this is the length of the belt.

Step 7

Report the width and length measurements back to us at www.TreadmillDoctor.com or by phone at 888-362-1105 or by email at doc@treadmilldoctor.com and we will get you a quote on a new belt.

Treadmill Walking Belts

Make sure that your measurements are fairly exact. Most treadmills can take a belt that has some variation in it due to the adjustment bolts that are located on the rollers. Vast differences in measurement can make a huge difference in regard to if the belt fits or not.