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Walking Belt Replacement - Board rests on top of treadmill frame

Walking Belt Replacement On Frame

1)Unplug the power cord and remove the safety key.

2) Remove the small screws holding the rear roller end caps on. Remove the rear roller adjustment bolts and washers.

3) Remove the endcaps, then gently slide the rear roller out of the walking belt.

4) Remove the screws from the motor hood, then carefully remove the motor hood. NOTE: Hoodless treadmills do not have a motor hood. Small endcaps are used to cover the ends of the frame where the front and rear rollers are attached. All electrical components are mounted under the treadmill.

5) Insert a screw driver between the Poly-V belt and the front roller pulley, then manually turn the pulley to remove the belt from the pulley. Use the screwdriver to force the belt over the edge of the pulley.

6) Mark the position of the front roller shaft on the right roller bracket. Remove the front roller adjustment bolt and washer.

7) Gently remove the front roller from the walking belt.

8) Check to see how the foot rails are mounted on the treadmill. If a single foot rail screw is located near the motor hood, remove the screw and slide the foot rail to the back of the treadmill until it comes free. If the foot rail is stapled to the walking board, carefully pry the foot rail free from the board.

9) Remove the three deck screws from each side of the walking deck. Remove the two roller guards from the back end of the walking deck.

10) Lift the walking deck off the frame and remove the walking belt.

11) Place the new walking belt over the walking board. Align the mounting holes on the walking board with those on the frame. Make sure the walking belt is not caught under the belt guides on the underside of the frame.

12) Replace and tighten the deck screws.

13) Replace the foot rails. If the rails slide onto foot rail fasteners, slide the rails back on. If the foot rails were stapled on, remove the staples and use small finishing nails or screws to secure the foot rails in place. Make sure that the head of the nail is flush with the foot rail and does not become a hazard. Be sure to put the foot rails on the same side they came off.

14) Gently slide the front roller through the walking belt. Position the roller shaft in the two brackets on either side of the frame. Insert the front roller adjustment bolt and washer through the right roller bracket and tighten it until it reaches the mark made on the roller bracket. Replace the drive belt.

15) Carefully slide the rear roller through the walking belt. Insert the rear roller adjustment bolts and washers then partially tighten the bolts.

16) Place the rear endcaps into position and fasten them in place with the small screws.

17) Tighten the walking belt tension until the edges of the belt can be lifted 2-3", but the center of the belt remains close to the walking board.
Walking Belt Replacement On Frame
18) Replace the two roller guards, mounting them with the guard screws. The distance between the roller guard and the rear roller must be no more than 1/8".

19) Plug in the treadmill and run it to verify the walking belt is properly centered. Adjust the left or right rear roller adjustment bolt as specified in the Owner's Manual to align the walking belt.