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How to Replace a Walking Belt on a Cushioned Deck

Walking Belt Cushion Deck Installation

1) Unplug the treadmill and remove the safety key.

2) Remove the small screws from the left and right endcaps. There may be one or two screws securing each endcap. Carefully pull the two endcaps off the back of the treadmill frame.

3) With an Allen wrench, remove the two rear roller adjustment bolts and adjustment washers from the rear roller.

4) Carefully slide the rear roller out of the walking belt.

5) Remove the screws from the motor hood and lift of the hood.

6) Carefully remove the drive belt from the front roller pulley by placing a screwdriver between the pulley and the belt. Turn the pulley by hand and use the screwdriver to guide the belt off the pulley.

7) Mark the location of the front roller shaft on the right roller bracket for reference when the roller will be reattached. Remove the front roller adjustment bolt and adjustment washer from the right side of the front roller.

8) Remove the front roller insert from the left side of the front roller and lift the front roller from its mounting brackets. Slide the roller out of the walking belt.

9) Check to see how the foot rails are mounted to the treadmill. If a single foot rail screw is located near the motor hood, remove the screw and slide the foot rail to the back of the treadmill until it comes free. If the foot rail is stapled to the walking deck, carefully pry the foot rail free from the deck.

10) Remove the six deck screws from the top of the deck clamp. Tip the treadmill on its side and remove the three screws and small bushings from the deck clamps on the right side. Remove the three clamps and deck clamp bushings.

11) Remove the two guard screws and roller guards.

12) Lift out the walking deck and old walking belt.

13) Slide the new walking belt over the walking deck. Place the deck and belt onto the treadmill frame. make sure the deck slides into the deck clamps on the left side of the frame. Lay the treadmill on it's side. Make sure the walking belt rests on the belt guides located on the underside of the treadmill. Align the deck clamps with the holes in the frame. Make sure the deck clamp bushings are properly inserted into the deck clamp. Reattach the clamps to the frame with the six small bushings and screws.

14) Slide the front roller between the walking belt. Make sure the drive belt is looped around the front roller pulley and motor pulley. Slide the front roller insert onto the left end of the front roller. Place the adjustment washer and front roller adjustment bolt through the front roller bracket and into the front roller shaft then tighten the bolt until the front roller reaches the mark that was made in Step 7. Replace the drive belt, first on the motor pulley, then on the front roller pulley. Start the drive belt on the front roller pulley and turn the pulley by hand until the drive belt is completely in place. Verify proper tension on the drive belt. There is proper tension on the drive belt when it becomes difficult to twist the belt more than 1/4 turn.
Walking Belt Cushion Deck Installation
15) Install the rear roller with two rear roller adjustment bolts and washers. Make sure the two rear roller spacers are properly placed under the shaft of the rear roller.

16) Attach the two roller guards to the walking deck with two guard screws. The roller guards should be 1/8" from the rear roller.

17) Check to make sure the speed disk is properly centered between the two sensors on the photo interrupter switch. Adjust the switch bracket so the disk is 1/32" from the switch. The disk should not touch or rub against the switch.

18) Reattach the motor hood.

19) Reattach the left and right foot rails.

20) Reattach the endcaps using the small screws.

21) Adjust the walking belt to its proper tightness. The tension is correct when the edges of the belt can be lifted between 2-3", but the middle of the walking belt remains near the walking deck.

22) Plug in the power cord and turn on the treadmill to check for belt alignment. Turn the left or right rear roller adjustment bolt as necessary to center the walking belt.