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Heart Rate Problems

Includes Keys, Ironman, Alliance, Milestone, Encore, HealthTrainer, some Smooth models, some CardioZone models, Galyans, and several other brands.

Heart rate is an art in addition to being a science. Many factors can affect heart rate readings like your personal physiology, external factors like flourescent lights, TV sets, radios, invisible fences, power tools, heaters, etc. Make sure that the treadmill is not on the same circuit as any of these devices and that it is not located under lighting or near a computer source that generates a wireless signal or near a radio fence. A radio frequency (RF) filter may need to be put inline on the power cord to help filter external electrical noise. These can be purchased at Radio Shack.

Symptoms: Heart rate not reading properly.
Solution: If you are using hand grip monitors, you may need to moisten the palms of your hands. If using a chest strap, make sure the strap electrodes that touch your chest have been moistened and that the strap is firmly making contact with the skin. If you are using a RF filter and still have this problem, you may need to install ferrites on the harness. Contact our tech support team for help with that.

Symptom: Heart rate is showing on screen without a person wearing a chest strap.
Solution: You know you are picking up outside interference and both a RF filter and ferrites need to be installed to minimize outside interference.

Symptom: Heart rate jumps from high readings to low readings.
Solution: Make sure you have the treadmill on a dedicated circuit (not just the outlet). Some outside interference is interrupting the sample programming in the console. A RF filter and ferrites may be needed to eliminate the electronic noise.

Symptom: Heart rate is erratic and will not maintain a stable reading.

Solution: Make sure you are making good contact with the heart rate grips or that the strap is making good contact with your skin. If these are confirmed good, check for outside interference and make sure you install an RF filter and ferrites on the wiring harnesses that carry the heart rate signal.

Even if your treadmill runs away only one time and then returns to normal operation, we suggest replacing the Treadmill Motor Control Board immediately because it is a dangerous proposition when this malfunction occurs and has been shown to have quick recurrence with the same controller.