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GoPlus 800W

There are beginner treadmills and then there are machines that can barely be considered a treadmi...

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Who Manufacturers GoPlus Treadmills?

General Information:This company started operating as GoPlus in California in 2008. Another one of the Amazon sellers, they bounce around the top 5,000 sellers on Amazon. The company is now called Costway but the fitness products are still sold under the GoPlus brand. They are a seller mainly of adapters and products like these but they are into a vast array of products, many of them seemingly unrelated.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Cheap machines backed by an extremely short warranty (the shortest we have ever seen) are what you should expect under the GoPlus brand. What can you expect for a couple of hundred bucks? They don't make the assertion that you are buying a club quality model but even calling it a treadmill, elliptical, or bike is a stretch.

Company Outlook : Since big Amazon sellers go with the flow of Amazon buyers, we expect the same from this company. We were able to easily get the customer support on the phone but it took the rep some time just to answer a very simple question. Expect poor long term support but since the warranty on the treadmill we tested was only 30 days, why would you expect long term support?