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Flooding affect on a treadmill

Whenever you have a flooding problem and the treadmill gets wet or is immersed, there are several things to worry about on a treadmill:

Step 1

If you have a blend or cotton backed walking belt, the water can cause a dry rot resulting in replacement of the walking belt if it is not treated properly. ake the belt off, turn it inside out, and take it to a pressure wash. This must be done quickly after the water problem or the belt is most likely ruined. Clean the backing of it thoroughly and let it sun dry. Remember to lubricate before replacing with our World Famous Treadmill Lube. If high friction persists, replace the belt.

Step 2

Most deck surfaces are made using particle board. This quickly absorbs water and deforms and warps the surface creating much greater belt deck friction. Nothing can correct this problem, replacement of the deck is necessary.

Step 3

If bearings in the rollers are not sealed, you can have a problem with the elimination of the grease pack in them, which can create noise and premature failure. An examination of the bearing seals by a qualified technician can help you determine if this is a problem.

Step 4

If electronics and motors are not properly cleaned and dried, you can have a big problem with these. Corrosion can remain as a problem when exposed to large amounts of water. Use a good industrial electronics or DC motor cleaner. In the best of all worlds, take the electronics and the motor to respective repair shops and have them broken down, cleaned, and reassembled to be certain that they are cared for properly.

In many instances, we suggest that the entire unit be replaced. Other problems can persist such as rusting of the frame and corrosion of wiring and other parts. Unless the treadmill is very expensive, replacement is usually the lowest-cost option.