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Treadmill Doctor $7.99 Shipping

Treadmill Doctor is offering $7.99 Shipping on all orders from our website and call center. Does not include oversize or heavyweight items like Decks and Drive Motors.

$7.99 shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Expedited or defined shipping charges will apply. $7.99 Shipping offer does not apply to international orders, orders to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

All $7.99 Shipping rates and options ship via Treadmill Doctor's choice of shipping method.  Under the $7.99 Shipping option we will choose our choice of USPS, FedEx Ground or FedEx Express shipping that will minimize our shipping costs.

The customer always has the option to choose their own method of shipping.  If they do they have to pay the list rate for shipping under that option.  There will be no simplified shipping flat rate discounts applied to the order if the customer chooses their own method of shipping.