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New Exerpeutic Elliptical Reviews

Exerpeutic Aero Air

We used to make fun of Gold's Gym and Weslo units at this price range. After seeing Exerpeutic e...

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Exerpeutic 5000

The 5000 is a design that we have seen many time over the years. The way that the mast post supp...

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Exerpeutic 1000XI Heavy Duty

There is nothing "Heavy Duty" about the "Heavy Duty 1000 Xi" This is probably the biggest "white...

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Who Manufacturers Exerpeutic Ellipticals?

General Information:This brand is made by Paradigm Health and Wellness. We thought they had made up the name Exerpeutic until we saw that they make their treadmills on an open-loop system. Our guess now is that the name Exerpeutic must have its origins in a Latin term that means "Death Trap." They are cheap imports and on the whole, a rather horrible little unit that you want to treat as a leper.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Make a cheap unit and put as little value into the product seems to be the norm. It appears to be engineered to be built as cheaply as possible to entice those people who believe you can spend $399 and get a quality machine. They even have a cheap $699 desk treadmill that is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Company Outlook : New brands pop up at the low end all the time. Like the horrible SportCraft treadmills that were sold at Walmart a few years ago, the Exerpeutic treadmills give us the same feeling when we opened up the hood and looked at the low quality parts that they used.