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I have an E33 error code

Includes Keys, Ironman, Alliance, Milestone, Encore, HealthTrainer, some Smooth models, some CardioZone models, Galyans, and several other brands.

Meaning of code:
It means the walking belt is traveling faster than the set speed on the console.

Step 1

First try calibrating the machine with the calibration help topic.

Step 2

Adjust the "comp" adjustment pot on the controller and retry calibration.

Step 3

Make sure the S F/B LED on the controller is flashing when the fan is moving inside the speed sensor. If not, check the speed sensor and the motor fan. Clean the sensor lens with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. If it still doesn't flash, check the motor fan "fins" and if they are OK, replace the speed sensor.

Step 4

Check to see if the "fins" on the fan are broken are missing. A broken fan can cause a bad reading. If this is the case, replace the fan.

Step 5

If overspeed is still occuring and you don't have a resolution with calibrating or the sensor, replacement of the Motor Controller or Console may be necessary.

Step 6
Check the wiring harness from the controller to the console for any evidence of a pinched, crimped, or loose wire.