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Diamondback Treadmill Review Index

General Information:This company is owned by Raleigh America- a large seller of bicycles. Their fitness bikes and steppers are well known as a good, low-priced alternative with quality comparable to Vision. Diamondback has had some missteps (to put it kindly) in the past with their treadmills and in the end, the competition was simply too much for Diamondback to overcome and they have retreated into bikes and ellipticals.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Diamondback is using quality parts put into a value package. It has worked for other companies so we'll see how well Diamondback does.

Company Outlook : Diamondback is one that surprised us...not in a good way. Although Raleigh America has continued to support the brand, treadmill production has ceased. We're not sure if the remainder of the line will follow or not- over the long haul.