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New Diamondback Elliptical Reviews

Diamondback 1260efs

The Diamondback 1260ef is a long standing elliptical offering from Diamondback.

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Diamondback 510efs

The Diamondback 510ef is an OK machine, but falls short when compared to LiveStrong or Sole.

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Diamondback 510ers

Diamondback packs good quality for a pretty good price.

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Older Diamondback Reviews

Reviewed in 2016

Diamondback 1260Ef

The 1260Ef is perhaps the oldest elliptical design sold on the market today, however it's a decen...

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Diamondback 510Ef

If you are thinking about buying the 510Ef you might as well drill a hole in your own head becau...

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Diamondback 510Er

Along with the 510Ef, the 510Er had a massive price increase this year making us wonder if Diamon...

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Reviewed in 2014

Diamondback 910Ef

The Diamondback 910 Ef is a solid machine but is not a solid value, especially when you compare i...

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Diamondback 910efs

If we were going to buy a Diamondback in this price point it would be the 910er.

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Reviewed in 2013

Diamondback 910 Er

The 910 Er is an above average value for an above average machine.

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Reviewed in 2012

Diamondback 910ers

The Diamondback 910er is a good elliptical that is outclassed by its competitors at this price po...

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Reviewed in 2009

Diamondback 960 EF

Looking for the best in home elliptical? Check out the Treadmill Doctor's Diamondback elliptical ...

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Who Manufacturers Diamondback Ellipticals?

General Information:Diamondback started out as a fitness division for the famous bicycle company. Why not? Everyone else was doing it! Schwinn and Trek had big fitness divisions. Diamondback and Lifecore Fitness merged a couple of years ago and they continue to market under both brands but their business core has shrunk to the point that it didn't make operating both as separate companies a good idea.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their philosophy seems to be to make a decent machine and price it at a value position. We would expect these to have an adequate service record, especially if you maintain the equipment.

Company Outlook : We had accurately speculated on Diamondback and Lifecore being able to weather the shakeout in the specialty fitness retail market. Apparently they felt that it was better to have strength in numbers and merged. Hopefully two are better than one.