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Walking Belt Replacement- Walking Deck inside the treadmill frame.

Walking Belt Replacement On Frame

1) Unplug the treadmill and remove the motor hood.

2) Check the amount of tension on the walking belt. Loosen both rear roller adjustment bolts until the rear roller comes into contact with the walking board.

3) Remove the drive belt from the front roller pulley. This is done by inserting a screwdriver between the pulley and the drive belt, then rotating the front roller while forcing the drive belt over the side of the pulley.

4) Check the position of the front roller axle on the right side of the frame. Mark this location with a magic marker.

5) If the front roller is held in place by brackets, remove the brackets at this time.

6) Remove the front roller adjustment bolt from the right side of the frame.

7) Slide the front roller out of the walking belt and set it aside.

8) turn the treadmill on its side and remove the small screws (either 1 or 2 per bracket) holding the rear roller brackets in place.

9) Remove the six board bolts from the bottom of the treadmill frame. Remove the six wood blocks from under the walking board.

10) Slide the walking board out of the treadmill frame. The walking belt and rear roller will also come out at this time.

11) Check the top of the old walking board for six rubber spacers. These spacers will have to be removed from the board and then reinstalled after the walking board is back in place.

12) Place the new walking belt over the walking board and slide the rear roller assembly through the belt at the rear of the walking board.

13) Slide the walking board into the treadmill frame. Make sure the walking belt is not caught under the walking belt guides on the underside of the frame.

14) Place the six wood blocks under the new walking board.

15) Insert the six board bolts through the mounting holes in the frame then through the wood blocks into the furniture nuts in the new walking board. Tighten the bolts.

16) Replace the screws holding the rear roller brackets in place.

17) Return the treadmill to its upright position.
Walking Belt Replacement On Frame
18) Replace the front roller. Tighten the front roller adjustment bolt until the front roller axle reaches the position marked on the frame.

19) Reattach the front roller mounting brackets, if present.

20) Place the drive belt onto the front roller pulley. Start the belt on the top edge of the pulley and turn the pulley by hand until the belt is completely in place.

21) Tighten the rear roller adjustment brackets until the tension on the walking belt matches the tension before the board was removed. Check the tension by lifting the sides of the walking belt. It should be possible to lift both sides