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My display changed from MPH to KPH

Treadmills are set to run in MPH from the factory. They can be changed to KPH. To change, follow the next steps:

Step 1

Turn the power to the treadmill off- do not unplug. Make sure the safety key is in place.

Step 2

Activate the calibration switch by inserting a plastic cylinder or Q-tip in the calibration cutout on the underside of the console. Keys said to use a pencil eraser but be careful because you don't want to touch anything metal to the printed circuit board inside the console.

Step 3

When you press the calibration switch, CL11 should appear on screen in the time window.

Step 4

Press the Speed + or - key and that will select your choice. MPH or KPH will blink as options.

Step 5

To accept the setting of MPH or KPH press the Power key.