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Who Manufacturers Cateye Ellipticals?

General Information:This is a Japanese company that was having the treadmill built in Taiwan by the same people that make Vision. This company has a storied past with high quality products, but this one seemed to be quite overpriced compared to other treadmills on the market. The sales manager called us and said that he doesn't want you buying this treadmill for your home since this is intended for commercial use, so we would take his advice. When trying to access the site, we get a domain parking homepage so it appears the US distributor is gone for good.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Seemed to be to build a good treadmill, put the classic Cateye electronics on it, and then price the hell out of it.

Company Outlook : Cateye has been around for awhile in the US market but has never established itself as a leading brand. With the flood of Asian products coming in the US market, we are uncertain of the effect it will have on Cateye. Apparently, Cateye has bit the dust in the USA.