Who Manufacturers Cardiozone Ellipticals?

General Information:CardioZone fitness machines are private label clones made by private label factories with a CardioZone sticker added for good measure. From what we have seen, they have an inflated MSRP which causes us to doubt that any have been sold close to the MSRP displayed in most of their ads.

Manufacturing Philosophy:These machines are the same as some of the BH Fitness models and made by the same DK factory. The site once again has a cool count down clock to put some urgency into your decision but we find the 'sale' clock there every day...at least every day I looked at the site on and off for over a year'the clock's left for awhile but is back with the new site design. Expect these kind of sales tactics. High pressure, a big 'deal', their own 'review' page, and making you believe you are getting some kind of steal are big parts of this marketing company. If you like feeling smarter than the guy next door and believing promotional messages that smack of guys selling products out of the back of a truck- this is your brand.

Company Outlook : The man behind this brand has been in the fitness business since the earth's crust was still cooling so we expect him to be around for awhile...he has kept the CardioZone name going longer than we have expected. With the collapse of Keys, that once made some of their machines, their warranty has understandably become much more conservative than it was in the recent past making these not nearly as good a deal.