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Bodyguard E390X

While not a disaster of a machine we cannot recommend you buy this machine.

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Bodyguard E-40

This review was last updated in 2016. The E-40 has earned 2.5 stars for its quality but has a ver...

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Older Bodyguard Reviews

Reviewed in 2009

Bodyguard E 230X

Bodyguard is simply being devoured by the competition in this price range.

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Bodyguard E 250X

Buying this elliptical just doesn't make any sense.

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Who Manufacturers Bodyguard Ellipticals?

General Information:Bodyguard has some of the best produced treadmills on the market but their big problem is becoming more and more common in this business- in many cities it is impossible to go and look at one. Bodyguard has only been manufacturing treadmills since 1995 but they have used the same quality construction that has been their trademark since 1969. Their parent company is Procycle, a large Canadian company.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy is to build a good treadmill and then price it according to the cost of the quality level; this philosophy forces them to abandon low price points but ends up benefiting the consumer. Many other manufacturers like to pinpoint the price point they want and then build the treadmill to the price point which causes most to cut corners in order to hit a sales price. Due to this philosophy, it has caused Bodyguard to abandon the lower price ranges.

Company Outlook : Bodyguard is one of the smaller suppliers that has been able to stay in the fitness business. Many others have gone by the wayside. They have fewer dealers than many other brands, especially what we consider the top level brand names so it many places in the USA it is impossible to see one of their machines unless you plan on driving quite a distance to the closest dealer.