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Bodyguard Elliptical Review Index

General Information:Bodyguard has some of the best Chinese produced treadmills on the market but their main problem is becoming more and more common in this business- in some cities it is impossible to go and look at one. They have tied their wagon to a distribution channel that is- to put it charitably- not quite well. Bodyguard has only been manufacturing treadmills since 1995 but they have used the same quality construction that has been their trademark since 1969. Their parent company is Procycle, a large Canadian company.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy is to build a good treadmill and then price it according to the cost of the quality level; this philosophy forces them to abandon low price points but ends up benefiting the consumer. Many other manufacturers like to pinpoint the price point they want and then build the treadmill to the price point which causes most to cut corners in order to hit a sales price.

Company Outlook : Bodyguard has weathered the economic downturn better than we expected- quite honestly our opinion here was that they would no longer be in the treadmill and elliptical business. They have really projected a strong level of support for both their dealers and consumers. The only problem with Bodyguard is a lack of distribution in the States. They report they have a good dealer network in Canada but business-wise, that is like having a good dealer network in California'a great State but not if that is your only strong business. Bodyguard has reported to us that they have picked up dealers in several large US cities but their coverage as a primary brand is very spotty.