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New BodyCraft Treadmill Reviews

BodyCraft TR1120

A two-year labor warranty on a $999 unit is compelling. Bodycraft has done a good job with this ...

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BodyCraft TR1140

This one gets lost in the woods of other available choices. Bodycraft can make a compelling argu...

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Older BodyCraft Reviews

Reviewed in 2009

BodyCraft TR1160

At $1800 we would be looking at NordicTrack or Pacemaster. Sole and Smooth have also stepped up ...

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BodyCraft TR1180

Not a bad treadmill but this machine has a hard time stacking up with the competition at $2k. If...

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Who Manufacturers BodyCraft Treadmills?

General Information:Bodycraft was another upstart in the fitness game in relation to their treadmill and elliptical products but these have been discontinued while Bodycraft continues to produce goods for the strength sector.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy was to build a decent treadmill and put it at a value price. They seem to be a victim of the dual pressures of the recession and the improvement of value brands produced by both Johnson and Icon.

Company Outlook : Due to lack of production, I would steer away if you find one left at a dealer since product support may be hard to come by years down the road.