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You would be better lighting a cigar with a $100 bill than buying this machine. Substandard stee...

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Who Manufacturers Body Rider Ellipticals?

General Information:Body Flex Sports is the company behind the Body Rider brand of ellipticals that you can find in virtually all mass market sporting goods retailers. According to the factory website, the company has experience in designing products in the USA and then having the products contract manufactured in Asia and has experience of doing that for 30 years.

Manufacturing Philosophy:In our opinion, the design philosophy is clearly to design the unit to fit a retail price and when you understand that they only have about $35 to $40 to put into their base machines, you also understand that this is not a quality product. They have all the confidence in the machine to put a 90 day warranty on all parts so that pretty much spells out the entire story right in the warranty.

Company Outlook : Brands that sell at the basement of the price range typically are those that don't have great product support down the road for two main reasons...(1) these aren't the machines that are used regularly with over a 90% rate of the machine not getting used and (2) if something breaks on a slightly more than $100 machine, many people throw it away instead of fixing it. Our opinion is don't count on strong support.