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Best Fitness BFCT1

The BFCT1 is a ubiquitous machine on internet retailing websites. Purchase it at your own risk.

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Best Fitness BFE1

My bother and I have a saying. When somebody screws up we say that someone left a "turd in a pun...

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Who Manufacturers Best Fitness Ellipticals?

General Information:Did you ever have that friend who tinkered in his garage and made some cool looking things but then they never quite worked right? Best Fitness machines are distributed by the same company that distributes the Bodysolid weight equipment. The ellipticals are just OK. They are nothing to write home about but a warranty can make the difference, especially in the low price segments. There is almost no support for this brand in specialty and you typically can find it online and in Sam's Club for a big discount.

Manufacturing Philosophy:These are made by the same company that is making the Steelflex and Fitnex line of exercise machines. They would be a decent deal if they were a bargain basement machine since they have decent components backed by the best warranty in the business, but their current MSRP's have no relation to their value.

Company Outlook : We know that Bodysolid is doing OK with weight equipment, but at the latest shows they either didn't bring one or simply brought one cardio unit. Like a bad venereal disease (is there a good one?), this line simply won't go away. We thought they were done when specialty dealers dropped them like a hot rock, but now they have popped up again like an untimely breakout at the Sam's Club website and Amazon.