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Belt Odor Problems

On almost all Icon models, you will notice a bad odor or smell coming from the walking belt. This is a very common problem with Proform, NordicTrack, Image, Weslo, Gold's Gym, and Reebok machines. The problem is not with your machine, the rollers, motor or any other part than the walking belt.

Many have described the odor as something rotting, bad body odor, or the like. It can literally stink up an entire section of your home and after a workout, the odor will be worse although the latent smell is pretty bad on its own.

We noticed this problem several years ago. Since we replace belts upon and service these machines all the time we decided to figure out which part was the problem. Once we had isolated it to the belt, we sent the belt to a US belt manufacturer and they confirmed the belt material was the problem.

Since then, we have been buying our belts from other makers and actually have improved on the quality level of the belt while eliminating the odor. We have tried dozens of cleaners, deodorizers, etc. to remove the smell from the belt but since it is the material, you won't be able to remove it no matter what you use. The only option in this case is simply to replace the walking belt with one that has material that doesn't smell bad. We have been doing this on a regular basis for several years now and we hope this factory gets their act together before long on this issue.

If you need a new belt, you can search for a belt at the following link. treadmill-belts