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My Belt Won't Stay Centered

Without a person on the treadmill, make sure the belt will run centered at 5 MPH. If it will not, follow the steps in Section 1. If it will, skip to Section 2.

If the belt will not stay centered after making tracking adjustments:

  1. Check the roller for a plastic sleeve. Some treadmills come equipped with a plastic sleeve that can move to one side. If it does, you will never be able to get the belt centered if the sleeve is not centered. In the past, this meant that you must replace the roller?not any longer. We now have a replacement roller sleeve kit that is economical and a long-term fix for home models (this sleeve kit will NOT work with machines used commercially). Many models have a redesigned roller that uses a rubber coating which eliminates the need for a sleeve. Click the link following this sentence to visit our roller sleeve kits.

    Roller Sleeve Kit

    Check the rear of the treadmill. Specifically, look in the areas where the rear roller bolts mount. Some treadmills have a plastic endcap (some also have them on the front so these may need checking too). If the plastic cracks, the bolts can begin to pull through the plastic which results in uneven pressure on the belt which causes tracking problems. Broken endcaps must be replaced for proper operation. On some models where the endcaps are no longer available, we can repair the endcap. Click on the following link to search for an endcap.

    Treadmill Endcaps

  2. Loosen the walking belt and check the seam on the walking belt. From underneath, the distance of the seam, even on an angle splice, should be even from one side to the other. The best way to determine is to measure the width of the seam in several points. You can also visually inspect the belt for obvious seam separations. If the seam is the problem, you will need to replace the walking belt. The following link will take you to search for a walking belt.

    Treadmill Walking Belts

If the belt stays centered when no person is on the machine but tracks to a side when someone is on the machine:

  1. Check the level of the floor. If the floor is not level, move the machine to an area that is level.
  2. Check the level of the running surface on the machine. Many times companies will install levelers under the machine. If the floor is level but the machine is not, you may need to adjust levelers or shim the treadmill.
  3. Refer to Section 1 if level checks out. Sometimes a belt seam or endcap will not exhibit problems until the belt is loaded with a person using the treadmill.
  4. Some people walk with more emphasis on one side than another. If you have a tracking problem, have another person use the treadmill if it stays centered without a user. If it stays centered with the second user, you may need to find a compromise adjustment so all users can workout without have to worry about the treadmill belt tracking.

If you have any other questions, or if you feel that you have a problem not listed here, please contact us via e-mail at doc@treadmilldoctor.com.