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New Avanti Treadmill Reviews

Avanti AT380

A solid treadmill but compared with what you can get from Smooth and NordicTrack in this price ra...

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Avanti AT480

Another hit-and-a-miss treadmill from Avanti. Not a bad treadmill but a bad deal.

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Avanti AT580

When you compare this Avanti with what you can get from others for $2k, it really is hard to buy ...

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Avanti AT685

A solid treadmill in an attractive package but when you can get into a True for about the same pr...

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Who Manufacturers Avanti Treadmills?

General Information:Avanti is an Australian brand that has been a large retailer that decided to self brand imported units. They have done a good job of making a decent product and providing excellent service at a reasonable price.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Avanti puts decent parts into a good design and then prices it accordingly. You don't get all the gee-whiz features of some of the bigger brands but you get a solid unit for a decent price. There is nothing that is terribly exciting about this brand but not much to knock either.

Company Outlook : We don't think there is a need for another brand. With brands like BH Fitness struggling to gain a foothold and some long-term brands like Bodyguard making an excellent unit but not having the ability to sell a large volume, we don't see a need for another brand. We worry about long-term support with this brand.