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Agile Dmx1 & Agile Dmx2

Here are some things to check out if you have no power to the console.

  • Check to see if you have 12vac coming from the two blue wires from the 5 pin connector that comes from the transformer and plugs into lower board.
    *If Yes, then we know transformer is good.
    *If No, you will need to replace transformer.
  • Check to see if you have 12vac from the orange & gray wire from the 7 pin harness that plugs into the lower board.
    *If Yes, the lower board is good.
    *If No, the lower board is bad.
  • Check the orange and gray wire where it plugs into the back of the console.
    *If Yes, you have voltage and the console is bad.
    *If No, the wire harness is bad.