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Yowza Bonita Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Bonita is essentially the Largo model with the core rotational design... for a lot more money.

Yowza Bonita Elliptical Review







Noise Level:










Overall Rating: 3.7

When you consider what you get from Sole, NordicTrack or even Epic for the same money the Bonita doesn't see like much of a value.

The Yowza Bonita is an overpriced elliptical. At $1,099, they took the Largo, gave it a core rotational drive, and charged you $200 extra for it. The Largo at $899 was already a stretch. There are simply too many better options in this price range to consider buying this machine.

Ergonomically speaking, this model is awful. Many of the ellipticals selling for $200 less offer a much more natural range of motion. The adjustability is pretty bad. The stride length is fixed at 18". You're out of luck if that doesn't work well for your body type. The incline is also fixed at 15%. You can easily find ellipticals that offer more options for adjustments, while paying less than you would for this model.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this machine is bad. You can save $100 and find plenty of ellipticals with a much longer life expectancy. There are several models selling for $700 that are just as durable as this one. The quality of parts used is also very disappointing considering the cost.

The noise levels of this machine are slightly above average. Most ellipticals make about the same amount of noise, but those sold below $1,000 are typically a bit louder. This is one of the few models sold above $1,000 that makes more noise than the average elliptical. If quietness during operation is major concern for you, you can easily find machines that are better in this area without paying more for them.

The warranty on the Yowza Bonita is okay. In-home labor is covered for 1 year, parts and electronics are covered for 3 years, and the frame is covered for life. There are plenty of ellipticals in this price range that come with better warranties.