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Xterra TR6.8 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The most expensive Xterra and quite a good machine considering the price point. With that said it has a tough time when you compare it with the NordicTrack C1600 Pro.

Xterra TR6.8 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.78

Dyaco International is manufacturing Xterra, promoting them mainly through Costco, online mass retailers and sporting goods firms on terra firma. You'll find these TMs competing fiercely with Icon and Johnson in the mid-price segments. The company's aim is to create lasting value within a stable price range.

Xterra may eventually assume the role of a flagship brand for Dyaco International, aiming for a bigger share of the median-priced segment in treadmills in the US market, and to achieve this they are making better inroads through an ever-improving distributor network.

The market would expect Xterra to ramp up their product support replicating what their parent company Dyaco did successfully with other brands.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

A 3.5 HP motor is the ideal foundation for an engaging treadmill experience

This motor packs a decent punch and you may not find comparable power generation capability in the same price segment. Runners, especially the experienced regulars, will be happy to clock 12 mph and stretch the frontiers of a challenging power routine on this TM. Although the factory claims 3.5 HP when you compare the motor to others with the same print on their nameplate, this motor falls a bit short.

Running surface of 20" x 60" is icing on the cake

The running surface is large enough to accommodate bigger users who need not feel compelled to alter their running style.

The XTRA Soft cushioning technology will spare you trips to the physiotherapist or doctor and will give you decent protection against leg, hip and back injuries. For superior cushioning users need to budget a few hundred dollars more down the road.

0 to 15% incline features match outdoor challenges

The 15% incline will provide a more challenging simulation of the outdoor surfaces and will also protect exercising muscles from impact stress related injuries.

Warranty that showcases the quality and competence of this TM

A frame and motor lifetime warranty followed by 5 years each for deck and motor and 1 year for labor is competitive for this price segment and if Xterra matches Dyaco's reputation for product support consumers have less to worry about. The implication is that the user will not be burdened with expenses in a breakdown scenario.

Reliability enhanced by quality of parts used

For the price that you are paying you are getting good quality parts and this definitely enhances the longevity of this model while assuring good value for money. But users expecting extreme durability may need to shift to higher priced models.

Points to ponder...

The cost factor will discourage the casual user

Breaking the $1,000 expense barrier may not be possible for everybody. Users that are infrequent in their exercise regimens need to rethink their priorities. Can they adjust to lower power and fewer features? Can they pull on with an averagely cushioned walk? If the answer is affirmative users can have a go at the $700 to $999 price range where they may find more desirable and affordable alternatives.

Only 9 Preset programs

Where usually 10 to 24 workout programs are the norm, getting fewer programs may be a damper for regular runners. Maybe this is the company cutting corners to price the product stably within a given range, but it doesn't get them any brownie points either.

Our verdict

With the competition in the $1,200 price point heating up considerably the Xterra manages to hold its own through reputation and quality, but there are marginally better models in the fray that might catch your roving eye a wee bit longer. If you need a good customer service dept. consider the Xterra. If you want the best treadmill, get the NordicTrack.