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General Information:Woodway has an interesting history and an even more interesting design.  There is no belt and deck like you will find on other treadmills.  They combined the two into one unit and so the belt moves around the machine in slats that are joined together and bend around the corners like a tank track.  If you want a treadmill that will be the last one you buy, this could easily be it in home use.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Here’s the interesting part.  The design is so good that with our 400 lb. test, the treadmill never pulled more electricity than what other treadmills pull without a person on them.  That means very little strain…ever…on the drive system.  In an almost mysterious reversal of course, the fit and finish of the treadmill is simply awful.  Paint runs, exposed screws, joints that don’t fit properly together, belts that look they have been trimmed by hand, etc. is what to expect when you buy one.

Company Outlook : Woodway has an interesting business.  To government institutions, pro teams and athletes, and universities, Woodway is a dream.  As long as they can get the budget, they get a treadmill with a unique design.  Their popularity, according to the company, in the home market is growing by leaps and bounds.  The downside is that they quality of components has been going down recently and one has to wonder why, given the big price tag.