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Weslo Momentum R 5.2 Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Momentum R5.2 is Ok for the money but we would recommend that you spend more than this if you want to have an elliptical in your home.

Weslo Momentum R 5.2 Elliptical Review







Noise Level:










Overall Rating: 2.35

Weslo Momentum R 5.2

Weslo has a reputation of manufacturing stable fitness machines. In spite of that, its Momentum R 5.2 receives poor ratings when it comes to stability and overall value. Although it is an OK machine, it is worthless in the long run. Some may think that a machine made by this brand has high quality. But, it seems that machines that are below $500 do not have the same quality as those machines found above said price range.

It does have some good qualities, like its price and noise level (as long as you apply grease before use). But it is not sturdy as it cannot support heavy user. If you weigh around 250 pounds or above, it tends to wobble when you use it.

Its 90-day warranty is another indication that you are better off with something that falls above R 5.2's price tag. With its coverage, you can only expect it to last for a few months or after the 90 days warranty. This is one of the reasons it received poor ratings from actual users.

Another thing you will not like about it is the fact that it requires batteries for operation. Changing them frequently can become very expensive in the long run.

Its lower stride length is not built for taller individuals making it very unreliable. Its comfort level is poor. This is another reason its ratings are very low.

If you are not buying an elliptical machine, then it would be best to spend your money elsewhere. Or you can try saving your money so you can purchase a trainer that is over $500 later.

The Momentum R5.2 is really not a very good elliptical. In truth I have a hard time blaming the manufacturer for this. The decision to sell a machine in this price range has three groups to blame: the retailer for requesting it, the manufacturer for building it, and the consumer for being ignorant enough to buy it. Since I've essentially insulted everybody at this point I'll stop writing now.