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Weslo Momentum CT 6.2 Elliptical Review


The Weslo Momentum CT 6.2 is one of the better options available from Weslo and our 2nd Runner Up for our Best Buy Award.

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Overall Rating: 2.35

Weslo Momentum CT 6.2 Review The Weslo Momentum CT 6.2 is our Best Buy 2<sup>nd</sup> Runner Up under $399. Honestly speaking, this machine is just a runner up by name. We just took the machines under $399 and picked the best of the worst. This one just came out in 2<sup>nd</sup> place of the worst. We always encourage our customers to buy those machines ranging from $500 or more. Under the $500 amount, manufacturers simply don't have enough money to make a machine that will last beyond a few months. They are counting on you not using the machine <em>There's really nothing good to say about this machine...</em> <strong>$279 - a really cheap machine(?)</strong> This price is really cheap and economical if you are on tight budget. For less than $300, you can already exercise and get heated up (for at least the first 2 minutes). Later, you'll be spending a couple of bucks since you'll have to buy grease, bolts, etc., just to repair and try to save a cheap elliptical. Do you really save money when you have to do a number of repairs and maintenance? <strong>A 14" Stride Length is amazingly pathetic</strong> The factory claims that it sports a <strong>"MAXIMUM"</strong> 14 inches stride length. We are really disappointed on how the guys from Icon Health and Fitness made this machine. This measure does not even reach the standard length for those users who are 5'3" tall. Imagine how pathetic this machine is to those who are 5'7", 6', and taller. <strong>Very light, don't set it in the way of a strong wind</strong> This machine promises a 250 - 300 lb. weight capacity. The machine only weighs 136 lbs. Try standing a 250 lb. bruiser on it. See if he even moves a muscle. Pray the machine can take his weight for very long! <strong>This machine does not have the ABCs</strong> Good luck assembling this machine by yourself. Unpacking it from the box will get you excited since it's very lightweight. Later, you'll discover that some parts are already put together (how nice) which means you'll have to tighten them to be sturdier. This is really annoying. Those parts are unscrewed first and they need to be adjusted later to make your elliptical stand somewhat sturdily. We recommend you to call for a step-by-step instruction from their customer service first or maybe just hire someone experienced to assemble it for you, which again can cost you a huge percentage of the cost of the machine. <strong>The warranty says it all</strong> This is not a surprise. All ellipticals under $300 have 90-day coverage. <strong>Final words: </strong> Not even worth it. If you want to buy the machine just to enter our Break-A-Treadmill-To-Win Contest, then it's maybe worth it.