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Weslo Cadence G40 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

These have slick packaging and great looks but at the end of the day, you are going to be repairing it if you use it. Maybe that's the whole game - buy a treadmill to make yourself feel better instead of actually using it - if this is you, this is your machine.

Weslo Cadence G40 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 3.2

An absolute horror of a treadmill. The save money part from Walmart works but if you expect this one to help you live better, it simply won't hold up long enough to help you do that.

The Weslo Cadence G40 is an awful treadmill. At $299, it's a waste of what little money it asks for. There is no way to sell a model at this low of a price and have it be worth buying. The money you'd have to spend repeatedly fixing a model this cheap will severely outweigh the money you save buying it. That being said, this isn't even the best $300 machine you can buy.

The walking area is very small. The walking belt measures in at 16" x 50", which is 4" narrower and 10" shorter than the standard 20" x 60" walking belt that is found on many of today's treadmills. You may feel cramped when using this treadmill.

A horrible motor powers this machine. The only treadmill we've seen with lower power producing capabilities is another Weslo that sells for the same price. You can reach 10 mph on this machine, but we wouldn't recommend it. The structure and drive system has a hard time handling walking, let alone running.

A cushioning system that is one of the worse we've seen. Comfort Cell Cushioning is used to reduce the impact that walking has on your joints and back. You're not going to find many treadmills with a less forgiving or durable running surface.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this machine is pathetic. Setting it up is a waste of time considering the limited life expectancy. There isn't a single treadmill we reviewed that we think this one will outlast. The quality of parts used is also very low.

The warranty on the Weslo Cadence G40 is terrible. Parts and labor are covered for 1 year. We can understand that lack of coverage on a treadmill like this. Rather than offering a warranty this machine should come with a warning.