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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Simply put... this is not a good treadmill. It is impossible to make a good one that retails for $300.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 2.82

These products are produced by Icon Health and Fitness, a global giant straddling the retail fitness industry. The Weslo model is an entry level brand of Icon seen frequently at Wal-Mart, but users lured by the quality of the brand name of Icon will be disappointed.

Historically, Icon has a reputation for the best design in the business. They consolidated their reputation for quality in upmarket models. Icon has since grown disproportionately riding piggy back on a slew of cheaper models that are mass marketed scaled down versions of high end products targeted to keep sales ticking at different price points buoyed by the company's reputation. Consumers lured into buying cheaper models, expecting the same level of quality as upmarket brands come away flustered with poor warranties and worse service.

Assessing the quality of this model? Mission Impossible!

A 16" x 50" tread area: even beginners will beg for more!

The walking area of this model is modest and at least 4" narrower and 10" shorter than 20" x 60", the standard expected of today's treadmills. A small area for smaller persons with no room for Mr. Big. At $299 you'll be the last man standing, you can't expect more.

Cushioning that compensates a stroll in the park

The Comfort Cell cushioning system makes a modest attempt to reduce and overcome the impact that walking has on your joints and back, but with this kind of budget a user can't demand anything superior. Running is totally out of the question and trawling the malls on Black Friday will guarantee you a better workout.

Drawbacks that diminish its investment value...

The motor can't power anything more than a walk

At 2.25 HP, this small frame motor proves that in the treadmill world, small isn't beautiful. The motor underpowers the drive and is not worthy of an analysis. It's difficult to believe that Icon would dent their reputation promoting such low end "models" to keep the sales counter ticking. An insufficient walking area, underpowered motor and lower speeds topping 10 mph make strolling the only option. Definitely not geared for a tread milling experience.

Warranty; the less said the better!

If parts and labor get a mere 90 days coverage the company seems to be billboarding the message - you're getting what you pay for. This underscores the company's expectations regarding the "durability" of their product.

Servicing issues will leave you gasping

Icon's problematic reputation in the customer service department leaves users searching for repair options and parts replacements. It's unlikely that even your calls will be answered on time. Ultimately, this model may represent a "use it-trash it" investment.

The final diagnosis...

If reliability, durability and comfort are the hallmarks of an enjoyable treadmill experience, you won't find any of it in this machine and the pathetic warranty appears to be the last nail in its coffin. This is in reality lower than low end and is an excuse of a treadmill and better avoided by the sincere walker; the better option would be a paid subscription to the local gym where you'll get more value for your dollar.

Save your money if you want to buy this and get a better treadmill or a gym membership. You will get more value for your dollar.