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Vision X 40 Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

I know this sounds like a broken record, but the X 40 doesn't stack up to it's competitors.

Vision X 40 Elliptical Review







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Overall Rating: 5

When you compare this to what is available from Sole or even True Fitness for a little more money its just not a comparable value.

The Vision X 40 is an overpriced elliptical at $1,699. This doesn't come as a surprise to us, as Vision has a tendency to charge too much for their fitness equipment. Much better options are similarly priced, making this model a poor option. We wouldn't recommend purchasing this item unless you can get a significant discount for it. The warranty is the only part of this elliptical that is remotely impressive.

Ergonomically speaking, this machine does not deliver what its price should dictate. You can easily find models that cost less than $1,000 that offer a more natural range of motion. The lack of adjustability is major concern for this elliptical. The stride length is fixed at 20". If this doesn't work well with your body type, there's nothing you can to do change it. There are, however, 20 levels of resistance, so you can choose the setting that works best for your personal fitness levels. You can spend several hundred dollars less and find models that provide several more options for adjustments.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this elliptical is nothing special. You can find machines selling for $1,000 less that have a longer life expectancy than this one has, but many of the models in this price range are comparably durable. The quality of parts used is okay. The components are decent, but they aren't anything to write home about.

The warranty on the Vision X T 40 is good. Labor is covered for 2 years, the brake and parts are covered for 5 years, and the frame is covered for life. Two areas where Vision never slacks off are price and coverage. They are most likely trying to use good warranties to cover up for the other areas in which they aren't competitive.