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General Information:Vision is an import brand made by Johnson. They are known for making a high value treadmill. They were formerly owned by Trek Bicycles but were sold to management as part of a reorganization.  They have recovered well from the recall 2 years ago but with the launch of AFG by Johnson through the Horizon company, we wonder how well Vision will be able to weather this assault.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Vision appears to believe that if you put good enough components in it, you can expect a reasonable service life.  Sounds good and it makes sense and works.  Their love of ortho belts is not something we would endorse.  Ortho belts add a bit of cushioning but the wear on the drive system is not a good trade off.  A good pair of shoes for use only on the treadmill is a better option.

Company Outlook : Vision, who once helped shut down many US factories with their innovative manufacturing approach now, is the victim of their success.  The factory that makes their machines, Johnson, has seen that the Vision business is good and just like the bear at the picnic, Johnson, through the launch of the AFG lineup via their Horizon subsidiary, is wanting to stick their finger in Vision’s pie.