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Tunturi Elliptical Review Index

General Information:This is a Finnish company that has made treadmills for many years. The new models are a vast improvement over what we have seen recently! Models are made in both Europe and in Asia and are now being distributed in the USA by Accell Fitness. With the market so crowded and Accell putting their emphasis on Bremshey, we are uncertain about the long-term prospects for this brand in the USA.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Tunturi has emerged to have a broad product lineup that has feature rich products and an acceptable quality level for the price that is being asked.

Company Outlook : With the change in US distribution to Accell Fitness, it will be interesting to see where the Tunturi brand ends up. Accell certainly seems to be putting a great deal of effort behind rebuilding this strong brand from the past but if they cannot make a strong presence this year, we don't know if you will see it for long in the USA.