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TruPace Elliptical Review Index

General Information:TruPace is brought to you by the same people that make Smooth machines. The intent is to hit the lower end of the market with treads and ellipticals that are very low priced.

Manufacturing Philosophy:We wished that the people behind Smooth would have simply stuck to what they were doing rather than coming out with another low-end brand. The machines aren't impressive. and with such low sale prices including freight, it doesn't seem to us that there is much value for the consumer. It is hard to hit the very low selling prices with appreciable value for the consumer, and we think it is a miss.

Company Outlook : We have a hard time seeing how another low cost provider will be able to make room in this business. Since their model is totally online and shipping costs high for a single unit, we don't see how they will be able to have significantly higher quality for the same money you can get at the discount stores.