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True PS100 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Best Buy winner in its price range. If you are having to stretch to buy a True, the PS100 is the first model I would buy personally.

True PS100 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.41

The True Fitness Technology lineup of treadmills underwent a major gradation some years back, and quality of components and brand value got prominence. In any True Fitness treadmill what stands out is excellent performance enabled by a quietly powerful motor-drive combination. What's more, customers aspiring for a higher level of care and service will not be disappointed here. In our recent customer service study, True rated #1.

This treadmill is ideally suited for light commercial use and becomes the natural choice for home use, corporate use, and gym exercising.

Bragging rights

Top performing 3 HP motor and a truly expansive 22" x 60" belt

A really good motor- belting out sustained power to keep the deck moving efficiently and incredibly noiselessly, making this a useful treadmill for runners. Admittedly there are cheaper models with the same motor capacity, but we appreciate the fact that the excellent motor drive compatibility in the PS100 creates a smoother running experience, besides adding value to consumer dollars.

Equally important to running "comfort" is running "area", and the PS100 responds lavishly by offering you a red carpet deck of dimensions 22" x 60". This automatically means bigger and taller fellers can have a field day at a price point not exceeding the $3000 mark. It may be pertinent to add here that if you find a similar offer down the budget ladder you'll be compromising on the quality of components.

Cushioning is about as good as it gets

The softness of the cushioning leaves a distinct impression on users and that is a True Fitness trademark. It is ideal for absorbing the stress of your feet thudding strongly against the deck and thrusting out powerfully in speed walking and power running. The PS100 performance is remarkable because a more advanced user experience in cushioning technology will come to you only in the elite $4000+ range.

Unit weight of 288 lbs. favors heavy users

Performance wise this machine will do the honors magnificently and last all through a rigorous and sustained workout program by single or multiple users, especially guys exceeding 350 pounds. For a more superior standard of performance the real competition for the PS100 starts in the upper crust $4000 club.

Warranty that is convincing and justified

Labor gets 1 year coverage; parts get you 5 years, and the motor goes up to 30 years. Considering that you are benefiting from a heavy duty motor, better quality components and higher performance standards, the PS100 warranty is much better than the meaningless ones lesser companies execute back to back on cheaper parts.

Something that might make you opt out

The higher $3,199 priced PS300 model

True Fitness has done a good job figuring out how the orthopedic belt can be made to work seamlessly with the drive, and that could be your ONLY motivation to opt for a PS300 that has the orthopedic belt. For the vast majority of willing walkers and rapid runners the PS100 remains a work of art as revered as the Mona Lisa.

Our verdict : The PS100 is a strongly built, high quality treadmill that offers serious runners a technologically superior option beyond the $1,500 mark. The PS100 won't leave you wanting more. This is an excellent treadmill and with the price increase in the PS300, the PS100 makes more sense.