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True Fitness M30 Elliptical Review


If you want a compact elliptical, the True M30 is the most durable, high quality compact elliptical on the market. Our 1st Runner Up award winner for 2014.

True fitness m30







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Overall Rating: 5.65

<strong>True Fitness M30 Review</strong> The True Fitness M30 elliptical is our Best Buy 2014 1<sup>st</sup> Runner Up in the under $2499 category. This trainer highlights its durability, quality, and compact design as one of the best in the market. <strong><em>What we like from the M30</em></strong> <strong>Compact and space-saving</strong> If you are looking for a space-friendly trainer to suit your small room, then the M30 might be your best choice. Its length is only at 42 inches which is very ideal for space-saving purposes. Usually, other ellipticals in this price point are expected to have longer dimensions. <strong>A very stable machine</strong> One of the most important factors to consider in this price range is stability. The M30 itself weighs at 300 pounds and has a stated maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds also. Users weighing around 300 lbs. have nothing to worry about while using the machine. <strong>Good warranty</strong> Having a good warranty usually follows a good quality elliptical. The M30 has lifetime coverage on its frame, 5 years on parts, and 1 year labor warranty. <strong><em>The disappointments...</em></strong> <strong>No incline feature</strong> The M30 appears to be all about stability, quality, and compact. It has no incline feature. Considering its price ($2249), this is a big disappointment. Buyers usually buy those all-in-one products when spending a thousand bucks or more. Having no incline function also limits your workout targets. This function allow users to change the angle of their incline which is very helpful in toning their target muscles. In this price range, it is expected that this is already present. <strong>Lacks enhancements</strong> Again, considering the price, the M30 fails in user expectations. The machine only uses molded anti-slip pedals. True Fitness could've made them cushioned and enhance the handgrips. Another disappointment is it has no wireless chest straps. Heart rate reading could've made easier if it had this feature. <strong>Lacks preset workouts</strong> The M30 comes with only 7 preset workouts which is below the standard number (11) in this category. This shows that the M30 lacks variety of exercise. <strong>Although good, the warranty lacks a separate coverage on the braking system</strong> True Fitness did not provide a separate warranty on the M30's brake system. Although the other warranty coverage is pretty good, having a separate brake warranty is better and will add assurance to the buyer. Other ellipticals in this category offer 10 years to lifetime coverage on the braking system. <strong>No sound enhancements</strong> (Really?) Well, as we have said earlier, this machine appears to be all about stability, quality, and compact design. Users who enjoy listening to music while exercising will be pretty disappointed. It doesn't have a sound system nor MP3 compatibility. <strong><em>Verdict: </em></strong> If consumers had an opportunity to see True's quality control, production, and design in action like we have had over the years they would be as impressed as we are in the attention to detail the True puts into these units. True's M30 gives you the fit, finish, and quality that you would expect from a machine in this price range. What it lacks are some important features to raise its ergonomic value. Buyers should remember that they will be paying for the machine's quality, stability, and compact design in exchange for ergonomics.