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True ES 900 Escalate Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Our Best Buy winner for the top price range! True is building a unique machine and it is rather exclusive too considering the price. With all of this in mind, there is nothing else I would want in a treadmill personally if I had an unlimited budget and the new interface is wonderful.

True ES 900 Escalate Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 8.75

Founded by the Trulaske brothers back in the 80's, True Fitness Technology had their lineup of treadmills undergo a major up-gradation some years back, and they made a successful attempt at redefining the quality of components and boosting their brand value. A True Fitness treadmill stands head and shoulders above the motely crowd through excellent performance empowered by an incredibly quiet and powerful motor-drive amalgamation. Customers aspiring for a higher level of care and service are likely to strike gold here. In our recent customer service study, True rated #1.

This treadmill is ideally suited for homes and light commercial use and is the natural choice for home users, busy corporate executives, and gym regulars who don't mind reaching into deep pockets and open bigger purses.

Bragging rights...

At 4 Horsepower you may be tempted to shout "Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"

The power runner or athlete in training will view this treadmill with admiration because he will expect it to deliver a knockout performance matching his athletic ardor, which it will do easily. It will power the deck drive quietly creating an nearly noiseless environment. It will change gears to higher speeds effortlessly. At the price you are dishing out this is a massive motor that will add years to treadmill life.

Belt size of 22" x 60" and cushioning is ideal for power running

A very uncommon feature even in competitive commercial models, the 22" x 60" belt, is designed for serious runners giving them ample space, length of stride and width stability to crunch distances methodically without fearing loss of balance.

If extraordinary power pumps up your adrenalin, the cushioning will delight your leg muscles. It comes with an orthopedic belt that softens the jarring impact of distance running, and eases the burden that bones and muscles carry in strenuous workouts. Easily, this is one of the best impact absorption technology models in the market. Additionally you can adjust the level of cushioning to your preferences.

Warranty is impeccable and commercial grade

A strong warranty is a good indicator of the manufacturer's confidence in his product. The ES 900 gives you a lifetime warranty on frame and motor, a 10 year warranty on parts and a 2 year warranty on labor which is in tune with industry standards in the premium model segment. This kind of service cover is an added attraction to serious runners desiring a fulfilling treadmill experience that doesn't get dulled by a bad service track record.

Points to ponder...

The cost factor; too pricey for the average user

The True ES 900 Escalate is way beyond the average citizen at a massive $5,999. This price places the machine firmly out of reach of the budget conscious buyer. This is exclusively designed for serious trainers aiming at big event exposure or the marathon runner focused on top physical fitness. Average users should set their eyes on lower priced models that deliver the goods on reduced HP with low profile features unless you must buy the very best.

The higher motor-drive capacity levels may be unsuited to actual needs

For the average family of two users packing around 200 pounds, using the machine twice or more a week, a quality model in the price range of $2000 or less would be the practical choice.

The final diagnosis

The True ES 900 Escalate is the best buy in the $4000 and over range. For blinding power, superior quality components, and sustained heavy duty performance few can beat True in this model. If price is no object and you have quietness and cushioning as big factors, forget commercial models and go with this True. True has spent years refining these aspects of the machines and they do a better job than anyone.